Monday, January 16, 2012

Game of Connections to Reach the Prize

The Princess lived in a strong fortress
Surrounded by a protective family
Guarded by those who shoot to kill
Watched over by the security crew

So hard to reach except by code
The lines sent to roaming orbs
Floating high above the clouds
Sending notes to her hidden screen

Her friends far away did write
But pass the guards, not possible
So distance ruled her relationships
Her abode so far away from them

Suitors dared but could not pass
The danger to all that tried to see
A bit closer, the princess of the Net
But death to all who got to close

So lonely days passed into months
Emails and posts were so abundant
The friends more than just a few
The distance is hard to breach, alive

One day peace will touch her land
The Prince of Peace must make a stand
His mercies flow like a river of love
He reached her heart from His throne, High above


Monday, December 19, 2011

No Sweat in F# for the dark grapes and C for the white

May He soak your mind in music with a truly heavenly score
May He soak your feet in wine so you can dance some more
May He soak you ‘til your floating like the dew before it falls
May He soak your soul in Patience so you can wait His call

For the Master has His timing and we need to know His ways
Or we will be so very hasty and move out before He says
Go forth into the vineyard and smell the blossoms on the vine
Careful for the petals are not full and must await their time

I just wanted to let their fragrance swirl about as fragrance do
Drawing the honey bees to their nectar for the trip back to the hive
Where the honey flow turns to honey by the magic in My hand
And the flowers turn to grape lets as the hang still on the vine

So catch the little foxes because they climb the tender vines
As they hustle, seeking the sweet grapes before their time
Barely ripened in the sunshine yet still some time to go
When the harvest time is ready you can sing the song to Him!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What good is all your money,
And all the worldly fame,
If your found in your neighbor’s bed room,
Your own house filled with shame!!


Saturday, September 03, 2011

It is Simple to the Humble

The vague must be brought into the light
The days replace that which was the night
When love fills the void left by sins weight
And mercy flows down from its place

You can’t change yourself, try all you might
You must be changed, by the work of the cross
A gift no man could ever buy, for you on that cross
Only the humble repent and know this truth!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

We Need the Fire from on High

Praise ascends from hearts afire
From lips dripping oil and hands lifted high
Worship becomes the saints of the Lord
The ones set apart by the Spirit of God

As fragrance rises from an altar of gold
Hands held high as a sacrifice of Praise
Only by faith in a God no eye has seen
Can we praise Him, for faith is a gift

Could we deny Him who our lives sustains and upholds?
Who gives us breath and peace from heaven above,
Who causes His love to fill our hearts and souls,
Who causes joy and rejoicing to spring from our lips!

Let us seek that which is from heaven above
From there comes every good and holy thing
For there dwells the King of righteousness and peace
And against Him and His Army no rival will ever succeed


He Sits on the Throne of Heaven

From the rising of the sun,
To the going down of the same,
God reigns in Zion, His Holy Mountain!

Let the peoples rejoice for He is gracious
His mercy endures forever and ever
He reigns in truth and righteousness

Now is the time and His word hastens to its mark
He will complete His work in justice and righteousness
He is humble and raises up the poor and broken in spirit

He rises up the downcast and depressed
He makes the lame to stand in strength
He will not allow the oppressed to be forsaken

He will judge and His judgment is in truth
He will bring an end to war and destruction
He brings peace to the earth that endures forever


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Egypt’s in Flames, Egypt is in Pain!

Fire and smoke curl to the sky
The mobs of peoples crying for change
Some mobs cry for everything to stay the same
Man’s best solution can’t heal all this deep pain

The rocks get thrown at armored cars
Screams and shouts ring out more and more
The dead’s voices now silent in the grave
Could not God work and man wait for Him

The living have hope but the wrath of man
Can never produce the righteousness of God
Power hungry men stir up the tempest fire
Will they gain power to lose it at the next turn?

It has all been written and all coming to pass
The last day’s symptoms of the inherited sin
Adam’s race in a bloodbath seeks salvation
By shedding each other’s blood in their rage

Stay calm in the storm O son’s of the Most High
God protects all who put their trust in Him
Look up because your redemption is nearer each day
All the signs point to the clear message of His Word

Yet no one longs for these days of unrest and turmoil
Even from a safe haven looking down from your perch
It pains to see mankind deny Christ and His peace
And rather blame others for their soul’s lack of bread!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Before God had made the heavens and the earth
Before, before when man was but a twinkle in His eye
Before ever a drop of blood was shed by man’s hands
Before the stars in heaven twinkled in the first night

Before the sun had its rise on the dawn of the first day
Before the moon reflected its glow on that first nigh
Before the waters of the deep seas covered the earth
Before the trees full of their fruit started to grow tall

Before the creatures of the earth roamed over the land
Before Adam’s first breathe exhaled into the gentle breeze
Before Eve was formed of him to complement his form
Before sin entered and they fell from their special place

Before blood flowed in every creatures vessels and veins
Before God rested on the seventh day from all He has made
Before death had found our first parents because of their sin
Before, when God planned blood for blood as an even exchange

Before, He always had the blood of His Son to pay for sin’s pain
Before, because man’s life is bound in his blood flowing within
Before, because God needed a perfect sacrifice to atone for sin
Before Able ever offered that first lamb by faith to the Lord

Before Abraham placed his son Isaac on that altar of stone
Before Moses gave the law with sacrifices that partly atoned
Before, because an animal’s blood cannot man’s sin wash away
Before because man is truly corrupted to the core of his being

Before the old nature was exposed in the light of God’s Son
Before time existed God had reserved His own lamb for us
Before, from time everlasting Jesus was the lamb that was slain
Before, even then God knew the end and His wrath, satisfied

Before because His Son Jesus would lay down His own life
Before because He saw His Son’s blood, shed to the last drop
Before the lance pierced and blood and water poured out
Before Jesus spirit returned to the Father and his body the grave

Before His body rose in victory, glorified, sin conquered forever
Before the Holy Spirit filled everyone in that Upper Room
Before the first disciples started to preach the good news
Before, even then God knew and it was all in His great plan

Before Steven the first martyr was stoned by the angry mob
Before the church spread the gospel of His Kingdom far and wide
Before the Middle Ages with its twisted religion with its abuse
Before the time of the Reformation and restoration of truth

Before the sword of theological debate became a war of words
Before the hair splitting was found mixed in with God’s pure grace
Before some preachers started to live in excessive luxury and sin
Before confusion enter and the truth dimmed her pure light

Before our soul’s true prosperity was measured in silver and gold
Before getting ahead was more important than getting saved
Before our word’s impact started falling, laying on the ground
Before the plagues of the last days came upon the whole world

Before God’s Lamb Second Coming, back to the earth as a Lion
Before the end finally came and then the Millennium of peace
Before it all came to pass God saw everything and had a plan
Before He knew you? Never was a time when He did not know you!